Keeping Your Vehicle Tires in Shape for Optimal Performance

The following information has been kindly shared by CMI Toyota Adelaide.

Vehicles’ tires must be in perfect condition for them to perform to their ability. For tires to be in shape, they must have the right pressure, the tread must be in check and they should not be worn out. This is the reason every driver should maintain their wheels properly. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind about vehicle tires. read more

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Get to Know Why Your Car Could Be Leaking Oil and How to Fix It

Oil leaking from a car is something that should be diagnosed as soon as it is discovered.  This is because it could be a symptom that the engine has major issues. Although some of these problems may be just minor, there are others that could lead to an engine overhaul. Car experts recommend that even if it is a minor leak, it should be fixed immediately. If ignored, it could lead to an expensive major repair. read more

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What to do when you Hear a High-Pitched Sound when Applying Breaks

The brakes of your car are some of the most crucial parts of the car. Numerous accidents happen every day when brakes fail and thus they should always be in good condition. One problem that you may experience with brakes is a high-pitched noise when applied. It’s like they are squeaking whenever you step on them. This could be due to several reasons and whenever you notice the problem, it should be fixed immediately. read more

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