Get to Know Why Your Car Could Be Leaking Oil and How to Fix It

Oil leaking from a car is something that should be diagnosed as soon as it is discovered.  This is because it could be a symptom that the engine has major issues. Although some of these problems may be just minor, there are others that could lead to an engine overhaul. Car experts recommend that even if it is a minor leak, it should be fixed immediately. If ignored, it could lead to an expensive major repair.

What Could Be the Problem?

If the valve cover gaskets and cover seals are not working properly, this could lead to an oil leak. Other causes include a damaged oil pan, a misaligned oil filter and worn out oil seals. You can look underneath the engine to see if there is any visible damage but it’s a good idea to work with an experienced mechanic.

Major Oil Leaks

This is a symptom of many things that include a cracked engine block. Engine oil leaks are a huge problem as they could lead to cooling system contamination and one might be forced to replace the clutch. At times, repairing engine oil leaks is not a viable solution as a replacement would be a more ideal solution. If you can sell your car after such a damage, you should go ahead with it otherwise you may have to deal with one problem after the other. Such a repair could cost up to more than 3,000 dollars.

Minor Oil Leaks

Minor oil leaks do not require an in-depth repair but it is always advisable that a mechanic does an in-depth diagnosis. If it’s the oil pan gaskets, engine oil cooler hoses, and valve cover gaskets, these will not be costly and time-consuming. These are repairs that can be done and the problem is fixed unlike with major oil leaks.

When you notice oil in your driveway or carport, this is not something that should be ignored. Whether it seems like a minor leak or not, it is a symptom that your car has an issue that needs to be fixed. When the car is still under warranty, utilize it at that time as you won’t be charged. Waiting longer could mean that you have to part with a lot of money to get your car back in shape or you have to do away with it.